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Investing in tomorrow,



is an early stage venture capital and advisory firm founded by entrepreneurs, with a mission to support bold, visionary teams that are shaping the future.

We seek to be a part of their journey, providing our network and experience to grow alongside them.

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We know from starting and running our own companies, the rainbow-like myriad of pitfalls and challenges. Therefore we believe wholeheartedly in providing candid, honest feedback – even if we may not always be correct.


Rather than stay comfortable in group think, we actively seek to take a variant perception. Being operators on the ground helps give us a differentiated view into the real world issues that are ripe for solving with technology.


Beyond the typical cliche statements, we are looking for teams who share the same values: Integrity, Grit and  Results. As collaborators first, and investors second, we constantly ask how we can add value to our startups. 


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Bamboo Sea offers corporate services including CFO-on-demand, accounting, secretarial and corporate tax filing and corporate finance advisory. Trusted consultants to their clients, Bamboo Sea helps them optimise operations and maximise profitability through the use of technologies and best practices.​

CapitalCorp Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm based in Singapore. Our main geographical focus is the South East Asia region.

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